Network testing basics

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Install netkit-ping, traceroute, dnsutils, ipchains (for 2.2 kernel), iptables (for 2.4 kernel), and net-tools packages and:   

     $ ping            # check Internet connection
     $ traceroute      # trace IP packets
     $ nslookup         # to check the name server hostname and server ip details
     $ ifconfig                           # check host config
     $ route -n                         # check routing config
     $ dig [] host.dom [{a|mx|any}] |less # check host.dom DNS records by
                                                                                 # for a {a|mx|any} record
     $ ipchains -L -n |less         # check packet filter (2.2 kernel)
     $ iptables -L -n |less         # check packet filter (2.4 kernel)
     $ netstat -a                    # find all open ports
     $ netstat -l --inet            # find listening ports
     $ netstat -ln --tcp           # find listening TCP ports (numeric)

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